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Although their voices were not too loud, they were not soft either. Hong Dali could hear some of it. He sat down and touched his chin, asking Ling Xiaoyi, Oh right, Xiaoyi. Now I remember. You bought some businesses on my behalf last night. I forgot to ask you about it


No one is coming out? Then this weapon is mine! Tianyi chuckled and approached the weapon. The moment he touched the weapon, his eyebrows arched violentlytwo Energy +9 gems, one Agility +8 gem!


“You are really an idiot with no sense of direction.” Tang Muxin humphed and said, “Ask from the guards for directions to the Savage Rose Tavern. If that doesn’t work, give him five Galaxy Dollars and ask him to bring you here. We are all here now.”


Combine! Hong Dali commanded and a flash of light was immediately seen. Crackle, a brand new red and green attribute gem fell directly into his handthen a ding was heard. The System said: One million Galaxy Dollars deducted from the Hosts current funds.


“Hidden Task (First level): For companions. Task completed. Increase all team members’ attributes to three hundred or energy to five hundred. Task reward: Second Gear. Second Gear explanation: By subtracting thirty points from health, it increases all attributes of the host by 1000%. Duration: 30 minutes. Active skill. The health points that are subtracted can be replenished with attribute points earned from squandering.


Heavenly Frost Sword, a divine-level broadsword. Its was extremely sharp, and the sword itself had a frost effect. When swinging this sword, the creatures nearby would all be frozen. Such a weapon was indeed worthy of being regarded as a divine item.

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Hong Dali and the others looked around. They attracted enough attention usually. With the cool Honorary Aristocrat cloak, some people started to scream—


Previously at the warehouse, Hong Dali had specially asked about the Secrets of Dark Energy from Yin Tianzong, who said that all of the stats of a person had to be above 500 in order to practice it.


Therefore, it was impossible to enter the filming industry here without a strong backing and possession of powerful technology.


Ling Xiaoyi, Li Yang, and the rest of the nine lackeys hurriedly received the secret manuals. Being a qualified lackey, they must help their Master to handle all kinds of difficulties and problems. They definitely couldn’t just slack around and do nothing—nothing much needed to be said, they would definitely start practicing once they went back!


After the guard left, Huaqing closed his eyes and thought carefully. He mumbled to himself, Theres still 1.5 months to the advancement assessment. Hong Dali is on the same level as me. Even if hes a string-puller, I must be careful. En, it seems I have to make a trip to Star Harbor to see what is going on.


The last time they went shopping, they attracted a huge crowd. It was troublesome to be too pretty


Hong Dali replied impatiently, I have already laid down. You can just accept whatever they have to offer, just dont get taken advantage of



Great! The clerk quickly announced loudly. Na Tairan from the Planet Heavens Vault, twenty-six years old, level eighteen of the Tower of Trials, cleared it on the sixty-second attempt. Eligible to be promoted to Honorary Aristocrat Reserve, intermediate level.



Its good he didnt acknowledge me, Hong Dali said shrewdly. Hes like a block of ice. I dont want to interact with him, either. Lets quickly go. Ill freeze to death if we continue staying here!


She stayed like that for an entire minute. Then, suddenly, the big screen actually transformed into the grinning face of Hong Dali…


Since he had become her boyfriend, he could not leave Jiang Qianxue out. Hong Dali said, “Qianxue, you pick out a suit of armor too. Anyway, I have no use for them even if I keep them.”

  • When Li Yang attacked, Tianyi could see that he did not have a strong foundationhis moves were not organized and he was strong only because of his attributes. Tianyi was sure then that they must be the young misses of a rich and powerful family who had come out for an outing. Not only that, they were three extremely beautiful princesses!
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