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Immediately, an option to combine gems appeared on the Systems menu. When he chose it, something that looked like an altar appeared in the air in front of Hong Dali. There were a total of three grooves in it. Under two of them were the small words: Original attribute gems. On top of the third were the words: Combined attribute gem.


Whilst he was battling with the beast, his communicator suddenly sounded. Hellfire slightly frowned, felt strange and said, “Hm, a communication request from the Elders? Alright…” Saying so, he looked at the terrifying beast in front of him and said, “OK, I have played with you for long enough. Goodbye.”


Ever since they had reached the Silver-blue super-planet, Tang Muxin and the rest had been meeting Galaxy Aristocrats almost daily with Hong Dali. Would they be intimidated by a mere Honorary Aristocrat?


“Practice the pose first before the martial arts.” Wang Daoming dotingly patted Little Bai Hechou’s head and said, “After you are well practiced with it, you can forget the poses.”


Everyone has their own thinking. Mister Gate chuckled. Its better for some things to go with the flow. Look at me, although my new son is quite the prodigal, I quite like him. Isnt that good enough?


If it were any other situation it would be fine, but there is the advancement assessment to think about. Yin Lieyang said, troubled, If the outcome is too disgraceful, it might not hurt him physically, but he will become a laughing stock

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But things were different now. Wang Daoming’s external skills had already reached a pinnacle, and there was practically no room left for improvement anymore. Also, being an old man, his inner mind was much more peaceful and stable compared to when he was young. Naturally, he was suitable to learn inner energy skills now.


“Burp…” After eating a Strength +10 alien core and a Meridian Seven Star Sword, Acka finally burped in satisfaction. It patted its stomach with its wing, wobbled to a corner and slept…


She knew that the person inside, that super-genius, he was her destined one, the hero in her dreams, the most powerful person in the world. The one who could support the sky with his hands and shake the earth with his feet.


Of course, if she knew that Hong Dali named her child Acka, one would wonder how she would feel…


Shenluo Citys Sing! Milky Way will commence soon. We welcome everyone to take part in this competition. Location for audition: Virtual World Area 52, Sing! Milky Way Hall. Time: October 21, 8 AM.


Those Honorary Aristocrats who didn’t think highly of Hong Dali were all stunned too…


Transportation was convenient in the virtual world. The key was that the Bureau Chief had given Hong Weiguo and Lan Ruoxi, and everyone else, a designated place of residence in the city. Once they came online, they would be in the city. In just about five to six minutes, Hong Weiguo, Lan Ruoxi, Tang Muxin’s parents Tang Ruisi and his wife, Geezer Wang, Ling Mufeng, and everyone else arrived.



Its a small matter, not too troublesome. The Bureau Chief was going to talk about the Zerg when he felt a kick under the table. He looked at Hong Weiguo and then smiled. The current progress of our planets technology is a bit slower than I hoped it would be. Think about it. You are at the Galaxy Alliance Center. How advanced is the technology there? Our technology is still not good enough, so Im feeling anxious.



Do you see this shop? Mister Gate pointed at the weapons shop. This weapon has three attribute gems embedded in it. Two Strength +9, one Reflexes +8. My son actually said to sell this for one thousand Galaxy Dollars. If hes not a prodigal, what is he?


Oh? I didnt expect to see you here. Gate narrowed his eyes and glanced at him. Suddenly the corner of his lips lifted. Why? Want to fight me?


Once such a number of Zergs landed on a living planet, it was totally possible for them to eat every living creature that existed on the planet within three days!

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